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  1. that would be cool,seeing as im a bf fanatic
  2. Hey. I would imagine iGame and SGS would get Vietnam servers, but honestly, I doubt myself or many of my clan will bother with this, depending on how well MoH takes off.
  3. Densweep will we have local servers for bfbc2 vietnam?
  4. alright I shall mail him with some evidence when I have time

    Thanks for your help ;P
  5. ..alright,but im trying to get in the top #100 and this only makes it harder
  6. come man tell me what u think now,or atleast pm me if u want to avoid conspiracy

    here is patron sergi's stats look at the headshots

    here is the people I think he is using to stats pad
    2500 deaths in 6 hours and only 5 kills and sergi is the only 1 with his tags
    And the rest isnt in their database their is even a sergl I mean if that doesnt proof it I dont know what will
  8. Send me the link for those stats pls.
  9. He is the #1 bfbc2 ranked player,but if u look at his dogtags he has been killing 4 people alot

    1 guy has 100 kills and 17000 deaths
    another 1 has 5 kills and 800 deaths
    and also look at the only 1 who has his tags sergi
    Its pretty obvious they are stats padding
  10. Nope, who is Sergi?
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