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  1. That is kinda ossim actually! But still its ours!
  2. You know its also in starcraft 2? Jim Raynor has it as a tattoo on his fore arm, noticed it and was like "YOU THIEVING BASTARD!"
  3. Hahahaha, Its actually one I ahve been considering as well for about 10 years, but with the face :P
  4. Lol your avatar picture is the same tattoo i wanted for about 7 years now, minus the face.
  5. Ja you wish! I tried to take pic but the lights where against me :P And the bus was speeding!
  6. LOL yea bus was full of hot woman that got dropped off at my place
  7. Oh ja Sir, I saw a bus yesterday with the destination Caboose on it.. .
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