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  1. Your inbox is full. And posting here on your wall makes me look like a stalker because no one else is doing it.
  2. *casts spell of continuities on you*
  3. Fair enough.
  4. I havent heard from him, so i am going with the assumption he hasnt yet.
  5. But how do you know that he didn't send anything?
  6. Bah I keep forgetting - nope havent heard from him yet - he is the only one and now I have no idea who he was sending too so I cannot get that person a gift
  7. Did you get hold of Tom? I see he was online again this morning.
  8. It was awesome, especially meeting caboose. He is a brilliant person irl. But yea the hangover was a bit rough
  9. Hehe it's all good. I gave him the gift and he was very happy. I hope you had a good time in Durban!
  10. Hi Soli, sorry I was in Durban this weeekend and for some reason tapatalk doesnt tell you about visitor messages! So go mad!
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