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  1. Depends where you are. lol. Know a ton of over priced places in sa. Also I am in the north so its not to bad here.
  2. Welcome to the land of grey skies and overpriced rent.
  3. Hey man. I am in the uk now. Leyland.
  4. Thanks dude. yeah that would be funny

    Huge step for me. going over at the end of november by myself lucky I have a place to stay. where about are you going in the uk? While I am doing my app process I will be in chorley
  5. Oh wow man, I did not know that. I have a friend in the marines as well; he's an instructor now so he might be shouting at you to do pushups :P

    Best of luck!
  6. Good bye james. I shall be following you to the uk as you know I am joining the royal marines
  7. Hey james I hate to ask can you change my title to tribune of the plebs. Thanks good man.
  8. Dude I posted a thread I think might be a bit to rough for mygaming. Have a look if it is delete it.
  9. James may I ask when the bf 3 codes winners be announced
  10. Just dance dammit.
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