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  1. Sup dude, the article you wrote for watch dogs, pic after the video, spelling mistake- Watch Dgos :P
  2. Yo dude, thanks for letting us create the EAE thread on MyG!
  3. Hahahaha, that imagery you described in the latter might be a bit more prevalent Revision is in order!
  4. Ha! It's true though... I love coffee.

    I think MyGaming Overlord carries implied throne-sitting imagery; or perhaps dangling tentacles and a mucus problem...

    Still, might be worth revising
  5. It's time to change that rookie "seat next to the coffee machine" line to "On the MyGaming throne" by now, don't you think?
  6. Lol, good question man. I've seen the stuff in stationary shops and hardware stores.
  7. Bru! Where do you get compressed air?! I swear, I've asked everywhere and people just always look at me like "o0" when I ask for it..
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