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  1. I happen to be in the neighborhood and I noticed your moving to this side of the pond. Where you based Dude?

    I live in Herforshire, which is north of London, but work in the City, Heron Tower in fact. If you are in the area we should go grab a beer or something one day.
  2. Heheh, I've seen it. "Vibrant discussion."
  3. Just thought you'd like to see how far out of control you thread has spiralled:
  4. Oh well was awesome while it lasted, now I dont feel as special anymore.
  5. Yes, it's against forum rules to have animated gifs. I was just a temporary buff for being so awesome
  6. It was. Was there any particular reason that I had to get rid of it?
  7. Heheh, I thought to pony was pretty cool though :P
  8. LoL! No worries, I figured. Just wanted to make sure it didn't vanish into the ether of a full inbox
  9. I did, I'm just busy at the moment.
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