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  1. Yo, no problem. I took a while with this reply as well, haha.

    Ah, thank you. The reason I asked something like that is especially because I'm going into gaming journalism, a field for which there's largely still no dedicated courses, it'd be interesting to know how I can improve my chances to get into a paying job here before I eventually move overseas. And while more degrees improve chances, I've seen a few journalists get better jobs than even those with a string of degrees after their name.

    Of course, I'm not disregarding the importance of more degrees, but I just don't want to study more if it's not necessary.
  2. Hi there, sorry for the slow reply - I have been on leave. I don't think a degree in journalism will be entirely necessary to get into games journalism as you can get lucky or persevere. However, a degree will certainly help you in this field and any potential expansion into other areas. I can't speak for the international environment, but a degree will most certainly help you achieve more in your pursuits.
  3. I see you're quite the experienced journalist. :-) I have a question, and you can answer this from either a personal or professional perspective. Both, if you wish. Do you think a degree in Journalism is a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y necessary to achieve success with any kind of South African video games medium, or overseas for that matter, or would even a certificate be enough?
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