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  1. Me too

    Thanks for the help
  2. That's good news man, I hope it stays gone.
  3. Well i tried those solutions and so far it hasn't showed up.

    Even installing a new browser and opening it doesn't trigger it anymore so i hope it's gone for good.
  4. That's horrible man.

    These things often go undetected and you will likely have to find something targeted to remove it or track it down yourself.
    Both of those are painfull options. The big problem is that these things often require access to be installed and piggy back of a piece of freeware software. Those little checkboxes we always untick asking us to install some browser bar. If it got permission malwareb wont find it. Hence the need for something targeted.

    Give this solution a try for chrome:
    Also (for the rest) :
  5. Hey

    Already tried uninstalling,first thing i did was run a search with Malwarebytes and Microsoft security essentials and nothing showed up.

    Will install cccleaner when i get home.

    Running Microsoft security essentials,uninstalled Malwarebytes after use.I am thinking of using kaspersky.

    Virus is affecting multiple browsers.
  6. Hey dude,

    That is a bad one. They are generally not too harmful but that sounds like spyware. It's a sonoffa bitch to remove. Uninstall the browser then try something like malware bytes. (it has a free 30 day trial) Also always have cccleaner and the like installed.

    Are you running anti virus?
  7. Hey,sorry to bother you but i seem to be having a little problem with a virus.

    It's not very harmful (at least it doesn't look that way) but it is annoying,it keeps opening up a website called yrjie and then goes under the radar for a few days and the repeats.It opens the site immediately on any new browsers installed or if a browser is reinstalled.

    Already did a few virus scans and i haven't found anything.

    I'm not sure if viruses are your field of expertise so sorry for the bother if it isn't

  8. Cool

  9. It's comming along nicely.
    There's an alpha at the moment. But I have 1 guy doing alpha testing.
    Hopefully in the next month or two ill have a playable beta.
  10. BTW how is your game coming along?

    Do you have a playable alpha/beta?
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