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  1. Nope, thought sprint was the same as running.

    Also, alt. It's such an out of the way key. I'll have to find a nicer place to rebind it to. Already bound my shouts to Q. :P
  2. You didn't know you could sprint in Skyrim? :O
  3. MyGaming finally has a proper comments system. :O
  4. Indeed. Weren't many good games left when I got in at 8. :\ But I got 11 books for R225. \o/ Fallout:NV for PC and Fable 3 for Xbawks too.
  5. They're selling games? I thought it was only books?
  6. I'm going to that Exclusive Warehouse Sale tomorrow. I hope they have Dead Island there. I'm taking a shitload of money.
  7. Rofl. I just spent 2 hours playing VVVVVV. It's like Super Meat Boy, you die and die and die and die and die and die and die. I think I racked up over 600 deaths. I rescued all the crew member except one. Couldn't be arsed to be honest, the game was starting to piss me off. D:
  8. I'm starting to think my Steam crashes has something to do with Shane. Steam will be fine, then he starts a 100 line monologue and suddenly it crashes. :P
  9. Dammit, the prices of the headset, mouse and external HDD I want have all gone up. I'm now over my budget instead of having some extra to get Skyrim. :<
  10. Don't think so. Everybody does it, so probably not. :P
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