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  1. Dude, I can't find you. Add me.
  2. lo0nitic
  3. Hey dude, what's your Steam name? I wanna add you.
  4. No :O

    I checked like two weeks ago for prices and cheapest I could find for Reach was R450
  5. You do know that BT Games is selling Reach for R270 right?
  6. Come to think of it, your nick does sound somewhat familiar :>

    Although, tbh, I was also spamming for the Fifa comp, so didn't really pay much attention to what everyone else was commenting lol
  7. You haven't? :O I was pretty much spam commenting at one point for the FIFA competition. :P
  8. Yes, that's me

    Don't think I've seen a CyniKill on eGamer before?
  9. Your avatar. It's beautiful.

    You're the same Staple2 that's on eGamer, right?
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