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  1. Happy birthday Wenz! May you have an awesome day with minimal load shedding and lots of joy.
  2. Thanks Dude!
  3. Happy birthday Wenz! May you have an awesome one!
  4. Hehe ok cool. I'll see if there's enough interest before creating the pool. It doesn't look like people are all that excited about the end of year tours. None of my regular pools have been created.
  5. hello, no havent thought about that... lol i have been so busy that i even forgot to make my predictions in the currie cup pool... i think you should create it this time round
  6. Oi. *pokes Wenzdayz*

    Are you going to create a Winter Tours Superbru pool?
  7. Hey Wenz can you post a link to your team? I couldn't find a search thingy on their site and I was unable to find your team.
  8. Awww I missed your birthday! I hope you had a good one and that this year will end up being the greatest year of your life so far.

    I'm glad that you joined Superdreamteams. I'm also there under the Stormers supporter group. Haha and my team's name is Solitude. Will go look at your team just now.

    Unfortunately I won't be watching the Stormers vs Lions game at Ellis Park (Coca Cola Park) anymore. My friend ended up not getting tickets. I hope you have a great time there though. I'll keep an eye out on the crowd on tv.

    Enjoy Wenzdayz!
  9. Hey so i decided to join Superdreamteams rugby after all. my team name is Wenzdayz and i am supporting the stormers
  10. Cool, I'll look out for you.

    It sucks that work is keeping you so busy. It's understandable though.
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