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  1. Been a long time dude, how's life outside of MyG treating you?

    If you need WoW help lemme know, depending on what server you're on :P
  2. Hey dude, was looking over my games cabinet today (and my brother's) and realized just how much we've gotten from MyGaming. It's pretty insane. And it's awesome. And now The Witcher 2 CE which is just crazy, so thanks a lot man, it's so cool to be part of this community. I almost feel bad having won so much :P

    But again, MyGaming is honestly the coolest forum I've been on. It's very interactive, corporate and at the same time personal and friendly. So...<3
  3. Hey, I got it, thanks a lot. Books and all Loving it so far. Not the books so much since...Renaissance is just ASII but. Whatevs.
  4. You should have recieved SCB by now, let me know if u havent.
  5. Hey TM, sent you a pm on the AC thing. Just...wanna make sure you got it.
  6. Check your PMs, I sent you an article. I think it's kind of funny :P
  7. Nah not anymore. 360 RROD'ed. I'll let you know once it's back up. Gonna be away next week anyways. :c
  8. Oi, you haz Xbox 360 and PS3?
  9. Hehe you never sucked dude! I'll have a look through our pile and drop you a PM tomorrow
  10. Tinman, I'll always be available for reviews. If I ever suck less. :P
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