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  1. Hey, I'm not the one that's sleeping with Syco's mom.

    Also, it was all his idea. Notice which phone number aforementioned messages came from. Ahem.
  2. So I have some voicemail that I think definitely needs to be uploaded onto the internet. The world needs to know your shame.
  3. Cool cool, see you then.
  4. Let make it 6:45?
  5. I'll hit gym around 8 tonight so will come past you just before?
  6. No sweat, dude. Time tonight?
  7. Hey man

    I thought about it, and Friday will be impossible. Can we aim for a review up on Monday? That gives you the weekend at least...
  8. Brilliant. I would like to get this one up really soon, like, Friday would be epic.

    You think that's possible? Apaprently its about an 8 hour game.

    Otherwise Monday will be fine
  9. Aye cap'n!
  10. GOWIII just arrived. Can you collect tonight?
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