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  1. I think it was just because of BF2's old engine. They are going to bring most of the epic gameplay elements from Bad company into BF3. BF3 is going to be amazing dude.
  2. I'm not really sure why I like this so much, but didn't like BF2 at all. I think BF2 just felt like 'just another military game.' I think it's because BC2 is much more strategic than BF2, in that you can't really hide from enemies, and have to think much more carefully before doing something because of the destructible terrain. In BF2, it wasn't easy, but still possible to do your own thing. Doing your own thing in BC2 is bound to get you killed.
  3. Yeah dude, I used to have an ATI too before I got my 580. The AMD drivers have some serious issues with this game, but yes, don't let me say "I told you so" :P Battlefield games ftw!
  4. Been really loving this game for the little bit that I've played so far, but I'm having some issues with my Ati card. It has terrible performance and none of the ati hotfixes seem to work. Strangely, I pirated the game when it originally came out, and it ran perfectly on my rig with my Nvidia card back then, so it must definitely be the Ati card. If I can get these problems sorted out, this will probably be my multiplayer game of choice.
  5. Yo dude, hmm, we usually play on our server. iGame SS clan server, but more noob friendly servers would be maybe the =UM= (Uprising Mercenaries) clan server and some of the random MWEB servers. Assuming your with MWEB though! Try to stay away from the iGame servers at first because that's where all the really good players hang out most of the time :P. I would also suggest playing on a few hardcore servers as well once you've got it down. That way you can unlock your weapons quicker because it's easier to kill people. A double edged blade though . Just remember dude, don't judge Battlefield too much by BC2 since it's quite a hectic spin-off game. It's much more arcady than the proper BF games. It's like the Mario karts of Super Mario haha. Anyway, good luck dude! Hope you enjoy it- you might just get addicted too ^_^
  6. Ironically enough, I bought BC2 to test the multiplayer last night. It's almost 80% downloaded and should be done by tomorrow. Which servers do you guys normally play on? I need recommendations for servers that should be relatively noob friendly. The last 'serious' online game I played was BF2, and having only played CoD and TF2 after that, I'm probably going to take a while to acclimatize. :P
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