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  1. Hi, it just arrived. Thanks so very much for the competition once again, and thanks especially to you for putting up with my constant nagging. :P I'm absolutely as excited as it is possible to be. Right now, though, I'm first rearranging my harddrives to make space for the card. It's almost double as long as my previous card. Just going to set it up, check that it works, then I'm off to go show it off at the lan. Thanks once again!
  2. Thanks man, I'll give them a call if it hasn't arrived by 2. I'd really love to be able to show off my new GPU to my friends when I Lan later. :P
  3. Hey man

    You can track your order at - this is your tracking number: ZA0001970053

    It says it was dropped off in the CT depot yesterday afternoon. I called and they told me it's "out on delivery" which means it should arrive at you sometime today. Unfortunately, it's hard to say exactly when it will arrive because it depends on traffic etc.

    If you want to call them you can use your tracking number to try get a more specific location.
  4. Hi Tinman. Just got home from my registrations at unisa. Just want to know if you can give me a timeframe in which the courier company should be delivering or which courier company you're using. I just need to know because I'm off to a lan at 2pm and I want to know if I should hang around a bit longer orask my brother to.
  5. The device manager pic came out lsightly blurry due to the downsizing from tinypic. Let me know if I need to reupload.
  6. Hi, I'll send the pics as soon as possible, but my international internet is having trouble for some reason. Thanks for the comp!
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