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  1. Happy Birthday!!!
  2. "Last Active 13/07/2011" WTF!!!!
    You got Mail!

    Active once again today! :P
  3. "Last Active 13/07/2011" WTF!!!!
    You got Mail!
  4. lurking I am....
  5. Cool! Will do and we chat on this again closer to the time!
  6. So speak to your Mrs & I'll speak to mine.
  7. If only my visa was but a family permit!'s a big job for an aussie visa! But I've already gathered most details and it's now to just get the final family declarations etc then I'll be submitting.

    Yeah, looking forward to the new X-Men Movie...dinner and a movie may just be a good idea!
  8. The old service shutdown so i figured id pass along what i use.

    Not sure yes, busy with the visa application at the moment, although its more family permit than visa.

    We must yeah, I see X-Men 1st Class is out June 3rd we should maybe go check it out, go for dinner and then a movie.
  9. /marvels at the new signature!

    So, when you heading for queen country? Better have a farewell drink!!!
  10. Awesome, will do!

    Big up for the sig update! Yeah!!!
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