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  1. Rather use Whiskey as a scapegoat man. It's clean, tasty and good for you! Haha, you too man!
  2. Haha thanks! And yeah, I hear ya about the brandy least I can put the blame somewhere? Hehe have a good 'un!
  3. Yeah man, suspicions confirmed. Could tell you we're falling over the keyboard . Good luck with the brandy though, I quit that this year. Makes me do a lot of ... inappropriate stuff ... Hope the hangies get better soon bru :P
  4. I snuck a whole bottle of vodka into work today - IN MY STOMACH. I'm kidding of course, I don't drink Vodka, I'm a brandy man, myself. Still, it's just been one of those Mondays U_U
  5. Geez bru, rough weekend? :P
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