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  1. It was me. Okay, it wasn't really me. It's a popular enough name, though, that it was already taken on Xbox when I tried to register the gamertag. DAMN THOSE OTHER AZIMUTHS.
  2. Here's something that you might find amusing.

    The first person to make it to Paragon level 100 on hardcore in Diablo III is called Azimuth.
  3. Yes, of course.
  4. Hey Azimuth, may I add you as a friend on XBox Live?
  5. Oh, pfffft. Forget about it. There's absolutely no need to apologise whatsoever - you were standing up for the guy. That was really ballsy of you, given my reputation.
  6. Hi Azimuth.

    I see that you've been a bit nicer since yesterday. I also went and bought a NAG and saw the last page as you mentioned. Now see, that was funny. I also read that you own a chainsaw and don't like criticism, so please don't kill me.

    In any case I am sorry about my post yesterday since it was unnecessary and not really my nature. I guess we all lose it a bit at times.

    Have a good time.
  7. You had no way of knowing about the MyBB thing. It's no big deal, really. A bunch of people got to hate on me because one other guy said they should. Yay, aren't forums fun.

    I also appreciate that you're standing up for Ionflux here, but I assure you, there was no real antagonism intended towards him personally at all. I have a very hard, sarcastic tone to my writing - I always have, and a lot of editors pay me well for it. :P
  8. Sorry I didn't know that the MyBroadband letter was a personal affair. I shouldn't have brought that up. I did so only to strengthen my argument.

    So I'm sorry about that Azimuth.
  9. Ooh, and regarding that letter on MyBB - there is much more to that story than anyone over there knows. The letter writer and the guy I told to go fuck himself were two different people entirely. The letter writer had a personal issue with me, and tried to land me in trouble by jumping on a passing comment I'd made in a TOTALLY different context, and complaining to my editor. When he did not get the response he'd hoped for (i.e. that I'd get fired), he posted the complaint on hellopeter and MyBB. The guy I'd told to fuck off? I've known him online for years, I've met him in person, and he also writes for NAG.
  10. Yeah I did take it a bit too serious. I'm a very relaxing guy and just about everyone here can vouch for that.

    I don't like people being stepped on though and I had to stand up for the people who were offended.

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