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  1. You Inbox is full.
  2. /Me requests Azi's opinion of mah Metro Review
  3. /Informs Azi if its Metro she is dying to play that she can borrow my promotional copy after im done with it.
  4. Hehe. Im not that skilled, highest skill ive ever gotten was 13. If i had more buddies in CT i would jol split screen also. I wasn't thinking vs... i was thinking Team work.
  5. Yeah, most Halo game modes and maps scale well to just three or four players. I'll chuck you an invite over LIVE, but as I said, I don't play Halo online much. And you'll probably thrash me - UT3's my real game.
  6. Firefight is soo much fun they would be idiotic not to include it in Reach.

    Me, Oculate, MissM and another friend of mine did 4 player slayer when they where down for my wedding. Was so much fun. U should invite me on Live so we can face off online
  7. I'm amped for Headhunter, although the other two new modes look pretty epic too. But yeah, Headhunter looks screamingly funny. Not too interested in the Arena, though, since I'm not much of a super serials gamer. I've always played in the Halo 3 social playlists. Actually, the overwhelming majority of my Halo time is in local split-screen with friends. We've kinda got a regular thing, jamming random weapon Slayer, Oddball, and Rockets. It's such a stupid game, really, but it's so much fun.

    And although it's not in the beta, I'm also looking forward to seeing what they do with Firefight in Reach. I know they're doing something with it.
  8. Ah cool. I cant wait either, If they start it at midnight on the 2nd we might be able to start downloading in the morning since we are about 8 hours ahead of them. Any game mode ur particularly looking forward to? Im pretty keen on Head Hunter and the Arena.
  9. I'm actually doing a hands-on preview for NAG, so you go ahead on MyGaming. I can't wait for Monday. Squee!
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