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  1. yeah man, it's I lot of fun.
  2. wlad saint row 4 is so bloody awesome.
  3. Thanks dude, will do.
  4. Happy bday fool. Have a good one.
  5. Want to hear something different. Sci-fi ambient awesomeness.

    really creepy would go well with a sci-fi shooter

    Tell me what you think

    First attempt be kind
  7. Guitar Rig 3.0, but you also need ASIO4ALL (I use version 2.7) to get rid of the lag. Also, an HD (7.1 channel) soundcard is pretty much a must.
  8. What program are you using for your guitar on your pc?
  9. That is why I listen to primus and les claypools other bands.

    But you are such a fan boy
  10. LOL. I'm tired of the same old shit. Most bands these days have a formula and they stick strictly to that formula, while I respect them for trying to keep their fanbase happy I do appreciate it when I come across a band that does something new (or something old in a new way). We Butter The Bread With Butter does exactly that. It's a breath of fresh air in the metal world.
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