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  1. I actually like MP in RPG's, I like playing co-op with mates hey...
  2. As far as I know it's strictly SP only. I actually prefer it that way, not a big fan of MP in RPG's.
  3. Thanks bro!! That is exactly what I wanted to know!!
    That has sealed the deal for me (Well it always was sealed ), I've placed my pre-order for the game now !!

    Although I would say, from watching vids of the game it reminds me a lot of Torchlight hey!

    I hope to God it has some form of MP!!
  4. I'd say it's more like Fable (in terms of visuals and combat) than any of those two. Witcher is obviously a lot more story/character driven and where it goes for a more "realistic", beautiful fantasy world, Reckoning leans more toward the "cartoony" fantasy side whereas I see Skyrim as more of a Tolkien inspired "high" fantasy. The combat is the strongest feature with Reckoning, but the rest of the game is looking really great as well. It also has crafting systems, lockpicking etc., and it seems as though there will be a ton of sidequests and even more awesome loot (my favourite ). All in all it looks like it's going to be one hell of a game.
  5. Hahaha!! So I take it that the game is gonna be awesome then !!

    Compared to The Witcher and Skyrim (Except for graphics) how does Amalur compare?
  6. Yeah, that's my next big purchase as well. I really cannot wait anymore, I have finished the demo about 6 times now and I need MORE!
  7. Agg I'm okay hey... I've been playing Skyrim non-stop since it's release, damn that game is EPIC hey!!
    My next purchase will be Kingdoms of Amular and between that and Skyrim my social life will be non-existent this year !
  8. Hey dude! Yeah, it's been a hell of a long time. I'm doing pretty good, playing a lot less PS3 these days. How are you doing?
  9. Howzit dude!!

    Been ages, how have you been mate?
  10. Yeah I am .
    I actually canned half my games I wanted to buy this year so I can get it !
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