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  1. I hope so too. I already am enjoying the Book, love the little nods to known fairy tales. I am going into the game with an open mind this time.
  2. That's awesome dude! Hope you enjoy it.
  3. Picked up the Witcher off Steam and started it again. Also busy reading the last Wish, loving it.
  4. Oh ok, coz I couldn't buy it even after I finished Blood on the Ice. Then when I did the storm cloak quests Ulfric told me that i've done so much for them, I should speak to his Stewart to purchacse a house in Wind helm.
  5. Yeah, I had issues buying that house. The Blood on the Ice quest is broken for me and you can't use the house (even if you bought it) untill that quest is complete. I can't complete it so I can never use the house. I ended buying (more like scoring ) the house in Markarth instead. I actually like it more as I'm a cannibal and it just feels right living close to the other cannibals. Also, I dig the Dwemer architecture.

    PS. Sorry for only replying now, but I check the forums on my phone when I'm at work so I can't see visitor messages and such.
  6. Where u having issues buying the house in Wind Helm?
  7. Its Backwards....
  8. Cool Was hoping it would be more of the same, Loved AC2 & Brotherhood. Will def pick it up. Now if I can just pry myself away from Skyrim & Halo Aniversary....
  9. It's really awesome so far, definitely a must play if you're a fan of the series. It's more of the same with a few additions here and there, some good, others not so good. Story is still excellent.
  10. How the new AC?
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