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  1. Haven't actually been playing him all that much :P My worgen might come along later in december though :P In between raid times ^^
  2. Heya! U should add my toons as friends! Marysia and Tinypower

    Both on LB obviously How u enjoying ur noam?
  3. Yeah, I'll probably be joining braaivleis, just need to decide what class I'm going to roll :P
  4. Heya Well, as u know LB is a PvE realm. And as far as world PvP goes...lets just say that alliance has Wintergrasp 80% of the time. I don't do battlegrounds much, but the few I have done, it has been more or less even the win/loss ratio.

    U going to join <Braaivleis>?
  5. Hey MissM, so I'm thinking of creating a nice ally char once 4.0.3a hits and I'd just like to find out how's the world pvp on lightbringer? Horde ally ratio mostly within limits?
  6. Why u only have one friend?
    The first post. At the bottom of the post it says "Download Scourge Vent Recordings.." Enjoy About 12mb in size
  8. Linky to those recordings?
  9. Rofl. Listening to Scourge Vent Recordings now.
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