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  1. looool soz for the spelling error.

    No no tell me. I can take it
  2. It has been confirmed. And witcher 2 is awesome.

    Aslos Its the least I can do for embarrassing boni
  3. Hey moody how are you?

    What games have you been playing?

    I see their will be a mortal kombat tourny on the 16 at bright water commons.
  4. lol.

    Well she was very friendly about it.
  5. Lol my friends kinda made me ask Bonita out

    And I did. But was shot down lol.

    But shame I hope I did not creep her out lol.
  6. Saw your shop today. Very nice. But I embarrassed myself due to my fiends sigh
  7. It might be
    All I know he works at zaps
  8. Ahh are you sure it wasnt Chris you were talking to? - I think he used to be in a band or was trying to start one or something?
  9. mmmm. I saw an advert of his last year

    But hey if he ever wants to learn he can give me a shout I don't charge
  10. hahah thanks

    Same. I think it was you hubby that I e-mailed about having a guitar session
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