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  1. Hey M00ds, clean out your Inbox!
  2. She emailed me saying they will process the refund asap.
  3. I guess it happens hey. I have sent Boni a email requesting a refund.
  4. That is really disappointing
  5. Hey T, any news on my order?
  6. Thanks, I seriously hope she has just made a mistake and there is in fact 1 for me
  7. Yeah I thought that by paying it meant there was some available
  8. I think that the last 2 days have been a bit of a scramble of last minute orders for GT 5 & AC special editions but I will speak to Boni tomorrow morning and find out why she asked you to pay for it if she didnt have one for you.
  9. Yip !
  10. Didnt you pay for it yesterday?
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