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  1. Hey man I think maybe you should start a gothic 4 thread. It seems it is going to be fun
  2. Hey steph, seeing you have dealt with btgames. I ordered bc2 and going to pay at the store on sat. Will they keep a copy till saturday. It comes out on friday.
  3. Hey man I heard they are making two wheel of time games one single player and the other is mmo. I am a huge wheel of time fan.
  4. Have you ever read any wheel of time books. I have read two cant find the third one there are about 12 books and they are thick. It has awesome lore and goes into detail about everything. Dragon age got a few Ideas from them like the grey wardens and the blight. In wheel of time there are elite knights who keep the blight at bay.
  5. Dude Dragon age is the best rpg ever. I love the fact that your choices have meaning in the game.
  6. Lol I feel like a fool I did what was needed to do no bugs thanks for your help
  7. The graphics are good and the gameplay feels epic the fights last long.
  8. I been reading input of risen they say the graphics are not very good.
  9. Is the graphics for risen stunning.
  10. Been reading alot on gragon age really is going to be a beast of a game
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