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  1. Yeah I know.. It's coz I don't have that multiplayer update yet.. Didn't have the cap to do it.. But now that I'm gettin adsl I'll update and then I'll be playin everyone again..
  2. Sweet bru! Although now that I have BF3 I've been playing that way more, although most of my friends on xbl are still jamming mw3 so I must get back into it.

    I tried to join a couple of your games of BF3 when i saw you online but it doesn't let me join.
  3. Dude.. I bought MW3 today.. Took a bunch of my games in and sold them so I only had to pay like 80 bucks So wen I get Internet again I can jam with u okes.. and that should be sometime this week..
  4. nah, no yet.. really missing out.. will hopefully get it sometime next month or if i win it here...
  5. dude, have you got mw3 yet?
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