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  1. Lol well you know my taste I ma 80s thrash gritty metal
  2. Weird. To me it doesn't sound like black metal in the slightest. It is unique, the synths are way too out there be to classified as industrial. Techno metal, if you will. I love the vocals, reminds me of Graveworm. I love it, these dudes are just having fun and making brilliant music while they are at it.
  3. Mmmm sounds like death metal mixed with industrial metal.

    This sounds like black industrial metal.
    The voice puts me off. I love the synth and drums and guitars.
  4. Dude, go on youtube and search "We butter the bread with butter". Listen to a song or two (13 wunsche is really good) and tell me what you think. (Just listen to the whole song) The freshest sound I have heard since forever.
  5. I dunno man, I'm just not good enough I don't really play a lot these days so my skills ain't exactly improving.
  6. Lol why? I have just begun learning solos. but then again solos put tears in my eyes
  7. Anything involving solo's or shredding is practically impossible for me. I'm more of a rhythm person anyway.
  8. Lol. I really don't think playing like them is all that hard. Now megadeth that stuff is hard.
  9. LOL, I don't think my fingers would be able to handle that.
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