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  1. So true. If you lived close I would teach you to shred kerry king and jeff hannerman style
  2. Awesome!! I wish I could find someone to teach me how to shred, LOL. Yeah, you don't wanna work in retail - trust me, I've been doing it for 3 years, can't wait to get the fuck out.
  3. So dude. I found a new guitarist(well he is a beginner)Going to teach him how to shred. And he will teach me to create websites and coding as well.

    I am excited dude. Did not want to end up working at increadable connection.
  4. Was just messing around
  5. Yeah man, I did. Sounds good, some pretty awesome riffs there
  6. So vlad did you give a listen to it?
  7. Dude give this short clip a listen too I just doodled a bit on my guitar.
    *admin removed broken link*

    Recorded on my cell/.
  8. Sure dude, you can PM it to me.
  9. Do you want to see the lyrics to a song I wrote?
  10. Dude I am so stoked. I am learning tornado of souls by megadeth and you know what this stuff is hard
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