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  1. Agreed. I just HATE modals with a passion. Especially vista: "Are you sure you want to delete this file?" Y "Warning a file operation is about to start, continue?" Y "Do you want to overwrite this file?" Y "A file will be overwritten continue?" YES!!!
    UAC sucks. -_-

    Ok now that I've ranted. Truth that odd links shouldn't be clicked. I just thought I could trust you.
  2. Or you could be weary of stange links from strange people. A Rick Roll is nothing but an empty shell without the anoying message box. It's the cherry on top if you will.

    Sayonara sucka!
  3. You, good sir, should be stabbed for that sig link. Not because of the Rick roling (Firefox plug-in blocked flash) but for the modal message box. Honestly that isn't funny in the least. Modal controls and message boxes are right up there with GOTO commands... No hard feelings but seriously, save the next sod the trouble please
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