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  1. Yeesh it's been a while since I've been here. That's a pretty awesome sounding track dude. Maybe you should a song :3
  2. Sounds like what happened to ol dave

    We where doing cover songs. Mainly alternative rock(bah)

    But that is shit dude. Fuck em.
    I want to get a band going again. do you want to give a listen to a shor recording I did when I was bored
  3. I was in a band back in 2007. I played lead and wrote all the tracks. Then my former best friend stole my songs, started another band, used my songs on his EP. Now they have an album out and a music video that once featured on MK. Glad they didn't use my songs on the album though. Don't want the good music I wrote to be mixed with the emo shit he wrote.
  4. That must be so annoying.

    I was in a band last year but it imploding. They all had gf's and two of got married. lol.
  5. I have the Jackson Randy Rhoads Signature model. I think it might be the RX10D. Got it second hand on Gumtree. Don't have a decent amp though so it kinda annoys me when I want to play on it. Still sitting with a 15w practice amp. Sucks ass.
  6. Ibenaz SA Series. Its good for what I payed for it.

    And yourself. Also using a cube 30x.
  7. That's where I lost out...having a gf for 5 years.

    Pity indeed though. I have to go to Paul Bothner's just to try and jam with someone. What kinda guitar do you have man?
  8. Took me years dude Play every day for a few hours. And I mean everyday.
    Also Having never had a gf helps

    Pity you in cape town. Would jam with you
  9. I'm so jealous man. I also want to be able to do that
  10. I am also self taught, though I can shred like dave and jeff and kerry when it comes to solos.

    Working on kirk's solos lately.
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