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  1. You fool I invited you on facebook

    Give listen now

    Sloppy yes awesome heel yes
  3. /stabs ocu on raven's behalf and tinmans.
  4. /wacks ocu on sycos behalf
  5. Bwuahah
  6. Thank goodness I won a xbox
  7. Ahh, well Wiki says:

    "A remake of Earthworm Jim called Earthworm Jim HD is in development by Gameloft and was scheduled to be released in the final quarter of 2009, but was not. This version will come out for Xbox Live Arcade and one month later for PlayStation Network and WiiWare"
  8. I got no cap I am afraid only local bleh
  9. I'm blocked at work, so I can't say either... Google it, I'm sure theres a wiki entry
  10. Dude I can't see the earthworm jim thing is it out? for what platforms and is it good?
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