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  1. Yip and mortal kombat 1. I Turned out fine. It did scare me at times though.
  2. Thanks I lot of my mistakes are just pure laziness. Well all the games I write about is what my childhood consisted of.
  3. What did you think of my blog?
  4. You quite the cool lady

    I missed the metallica concert. I want a slayer one and Iron maiden.
  5. lol I actually like opeth but my drummer is a huge fan. He has seen them live.
  6. Nice blog. My drummer married a gaming chick. Lucky bastard
  7. Primus is not metal lol. It is really strange music.

    I love older metal the new metal scene is not for me. Don't like screaming metal bands at all really. My drummer however does.
  8. Not when you playing alice in chains unplugged, I like sitting down but I love moving around while playing. Do you like Primus?
  9. Slayer is pure awesome. I can play any slayer song with no prob. Megadeth on the other hand is very very hard. For whom the bell tolls was one of my first songs back when I first started playing my very first song was seek and destroy. Iron maidens stuff is also hard and so long.

    People say I am a very good metal guitarist but the stuff I had to learn for the band is hard. and playing in a band is so much harder than doing it on your own. Our other guitarist has been playing for ten years. Keeping in time is not easy.
  10. Lol there is nothing wrong with that. I am in a cover band and we do alternative and metal(well so far I got them to do for whom the bell tolls by metallica.) Most all my band members are older tham me(I am 21 and they are in there late 20s and the oldest is 31.)

    I learnt to play guitar by learning slayer,metallica and Iron maidens stuff.I've been playing for 3 years and I am self taught. I dig playing angel of death by slayer.
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