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  1. Busy playing all sorts of games, mainly PS2 classics like Kingdom Hearts, Jak and Daxter.... Saving cash so can't buy the good new stuff :P
  2. So powder what games are you playing?
  3. Guitar tip

    Learn some 80s metal songs like slayer or even metallica. Megadeths stuff is very complicated.

    Only now have I been able to learn megadeth songs
  4. My amp has a recording input so yeah

    Thanks for being so cool with me
  5. That would be awesome thanks.... Ya, I tend to do the whole put a mic in computer, put mic near amp and hope that it comes out sounding okay on the other side... :P
  6. lol. I am not that good.
    When I get my cable for my recording input for my amp I will send you some more
  7. Haha I'd rather just listen to your skillz... Compared to what I heard mine are a little, well, off the mark... I'll get there though!
  8. Thanks powder You should have come to the jhb be one
    We really must jam one day
  9. Shoowee as for the guitar doodle... O_O Nice one! You really are very good. Me likes.
  10. Dude... Rammstein... I know right. I wanna go see them in Cape Town 11 Feb... Tickets don't seem to be too bad so far. Whoo hoo
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