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  1. *admin removed broken link*
    My guitar doodle tell me what you think
  2. Rammstien is coming!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Don't get me wrong I do love the coast but to live there not for me. I cringe at what lengths I have to go to to keep my guitar up and running.
  4. Slowness of the coast?! Hmmmm you obviously haven't traveled the coast with me . I find that I'm far busier socially down by the coast... Maybe because everything is so tight-knit and there's so much to do... mostly thanks to the beach and the fact that there's all those touristy things set up for the German's and what-not that love the garden route.
  5. Lol true. But I am use to the rat race and get a little irritated at the slowness of the coast.
  6. True, Jo'burg does have it's pretty parts.... But it's the overall atmosphere that gets to me. Think that living in two places has made me restless when I stay in one place for too long though :P
  7. Joberg is not so bad. Well I do have a wondeful view of a ridge that looks like a knocked down christmas tree at night.
  8. Hmmm not really.... In Jo'burg for most of the time but thinking of going up to Cape Town in January. Two - three months in Jo'burg might drive me looney... :P
  9. Cool Got plans for the holidays?
  10. Heya Tsar.

    Exams are killing me. Luckily I'm finished with them on Monday, then it's home time!
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