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  1. Lol, sweet ! Sounds like a plan !

    Hahaha, don't worry! I have the memory of a goldfish !
  2. One day when you have your mid-life crises study it lol. I forget things though, after a few years.
  3. I love Norse, Greek and Egyptian mythology !!

    Mythology is EPIC, I would so love to study it at one stage in my life!
  4. I had a few Near Eastern subjects but they were years ago, I've forgotten most of it. I liked learning their mythology, I like learning pretty much every ancient civilization's mythology . Egypt's as well. I also did some Archaeology of Israel, liked that too, stuff like burial practices, really nice. Lol.
  5. I love those periods as well, but I love Ancient Persia during the reign of Cyrus the Great !
    After reading everything on that great man, God, I wish I could've talked to him for a few mins!

    That is my favourite period of history .
  6. I really love the classical period in Rome and Greece 10 000BC to about 100/200 AD. And South American history like the Myans and Incas. I also like the middle ages in Europe, but I don't have subjects in that.
  7. No ways!! I LOVE archaeology !!
    So if you're studying that, what is your favourite period in history?

    Oh I've already stopped for four days now hey... But I don't want to stay away from the two forums hey, I've gotten to know so many people on there so I enjoy hopping on and talking to them .
  8. Oh yeah and I've given up on the mic for now I'm rather gonna buy AC: Revelations. And I also need to buy new running shoes that's gonna cost me R1000 (well my parents will help with that), but I'll be pretty broke.
  9. Studying Archaeology and Classical Culture.

    If you like being in nature you'll like a trail run. I've never enjoyed a road race as much as a trail run. But I love the adventure.

    Just give up gaming already, if you don't do it you'll just end up really hating it. Play Uncharted 3 and after that nothing else for a few months or years until you feel the need. And give up forums. I find when I stay away from forums I enjoy games more... weird.
  10. What are you studying?

    I run but I have never done a trail run before . Would love to one day...

    I dunno hey, I'm just not finding it fun anymore... I've been feeling like this all year hey, so I reckon my gaming days are coming to an end one of these days hey... But we'll have to see how things go...

    How's the mic coming along?
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