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  1. Im good, wrote an exam yesterday and have 3 coming up next week *sigh* Cant wait till Sunday though, have a trail run and they are loads of fun. How are you? You going to give up gaming now for a while?
  2. Aloha

    How are you?
  3. Not really my kind of music, but it is good I can't disagree.
  4. Never ?!

    This is their most famous track:

    This is my favourite track:
  5. It was good thanks. I dont think I've ever heard the prodigy, the name sounds familiar, but cant think of s
  6. How was you birthday yesterday?
    Hope you had a grand time !

    Me, I listen to metal, house, DnB and orchestral scores .

    Metal - Seether, Bullet for my Valentine and K0rn are the main bands I listen to...
    House - David Guetta need I say more !
    Techno - Tiesto, Dead Mau5 and Skrillex
    DnB - The Prodigy (My favourite band)
    Orchestral scores - Two Steps from Hell (The guys are brilliant! If you can Youtube: Courage by Two Steps from Hell)
  7. Uhm U2 are pretty much the only band I really like, the rest I just like random songs of people. I like most music except rap and r&b and metal. You?
  8. Now your PSN ID makes sense ! I was wondering what "Achtung" meant...

    I LOVE music, I literally listen to music all day long! Lol, for around maybe 12hrs straight each and every day . So if you start talking about music I will also find it very hard to stop talking !

    Speaking of which, aside from U2, what sort of music do you listen to?
  9. Its their 1991 album name. I am U2 obsessed. Even more obsessed than my gaming habit lol. Anyways, let me not get sidetracked when I start talking about them its hard to stop.
  10. I never did get the U2 reference ... I've listened to a few of their stuff but was never an avid fan.
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