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  1. Haha that would be cool, I sometimes forget to look on people's walls for answers . Thanks .

    The movies were EPIC! Did you watch The Fountain of Youth?
  2. Howzit Atchung,

    Yeah I'm a massive fan of the LEGO games! I've played most of them plus this installment is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean, and I just loved the movies !

    I never played LEGO Harry Potter hey, just couldn't get into them. The rest of the LEGO games I liked though !

    Do you enjoy the LEGO series?
  3. I see you've entered to win Lego Pirates, you like Lego games? I still want to get Lego Pirates and Lego Harry Potter.
  4. Hey Achtung (The second half the name would be a bit awkward! LOL),

    What do you think about Lara Croft's new voice?
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