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  1. My moms boss told my dad that he wants me to work for him. so I am sure I am going to get it.
    But thats pretty cool.

    Yeah I really don't want to go into IT Don't enjoy it anymore.
  2. No, haven't tried that mod, will check up some info and see what its all about.
    Yeah its just a long wait for the training. Capitec is paying for everything so its a nice holiday in one of the Protea Hotels up there.
    Solar panels etc something you want to go in to or is it just a stepping stone in the meantime, hope you get the job though
  3. I am good thanks. Hopefully I am starting a new job next year. Will be doing solar panel installation for geysers. And I am amped fo heroes 2 as well. I am a huge relic fan. Have you tried Wake of the gods mod for heroes 3? Its epic. Adds so much to the game. And that is good news. Awesome that things are coming right for you
  4. hey man, sorry just saw that you had sent me a message sometime ago as well.
    I am good thanks, no complaints my side. Am waiting for a new job with Capitec, going to Stellies for the training in Feb next year and then on to better things.
    I see the expansion for Heroes VI is coming out on 28th Feb 2013 so am really stoked for that, saw the developer diary for Company of Heroes 2 today, Fucking Shitballs it looks amazing, some new things they bringing in to the world of strategy games that I reckon will be setting a benchmark which isn't so shocking since the first one was a real masterpiece.
    How is going your side?
  5. Howzit man how you keeping these days?
  6. Hows heroes going?
  7. Um no, I don't think the pc was the problem with Heroes 5. Its been a while since I played it, but even with my current pc it still ran slower then expected. The game wasn't well optimized. Heroes 6 on the other hand, yeah very well optimized. I don't think Tribes of the East has many more artifacts or maps on offer, but the extra choice of upgrade in units really makes the game interesting as you need to get the units based on the type of strategy you choose to follow.
    For example, the Dungeon scout unit can also be upgraded to a "stalker" < think that is the name, which instead of shooting goes invisible and comes right up to the enemy unit to attack. So if you are doing non siege battles then they seriously become a unit to consider offering that well needed depth that you are seeking.
  8. I think I will. I mean h5 just had nothing good about it. I liked the undead though and the dungeon, Just lacked content. And ran badly. But that might of been my pc back then
  9. yep, have been very impressed by it. The nice thing about this game is that there probably won't be any dlc instead it will be full fledged expansions. Looks like the next faction will be dungeon which was one of my favourites in 3 and 5. But also try get tribes of the east, it makes number 5 much better.
  10. thats good on the artifacts. I mean h5 had non. I had artifacts that did nothing O.o.
    But I think I am going to get this. Been looking at vids. Looks really nice. One thing I have to say is the creature detail is very good.
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