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  1. nope I am all natural. I am buff now. Didn't take or eat anything special. Remember you can't be to buff. been doing all the military stuff. Builds are the right muscles. Can do 50 push ups in 2 minutes not good enough though. 12 pull ups(pretty good) 100 sit ups and My running is top notch
  2. PROTEIN AND LOTS OF IT! Haha! I went to Gym in my youth, then I kind of stopped going, lost the motivation to be "muscular".
  3. Basically 5 days every week. You have to be super man to be a marine if you want to cope in the training I also had to build myself from being a skinny stick insect
  4. Damn son!? Do you train every day?
  5. No I don't have a job I left it last year. Spent the time training for the royal marines
  6. You at work at the moment? or are you fortunate enough to not work?
  7. hahah I am just super bored I loved that pedo face he got when looking at their buts.
  8. Kyaaaa~! nooo senpai!
  9. hahahah. Gon my Delicious creature
  10. There's also, FLCL, The devil is a part timer, Ano Hana, Yu Yu Hakusho, Space Dandy, Azumanga Daioh, Log Horizon, Tatami galaxy, DRRR, Steins Gate, Gunbuster, Diebuster, Eden of the East, Jormungand, Hetalia, Karas, Magi, Patlabor, Monster, Outlaw Star, Usagi Drop, D. Gray-man and many many more! *back to work I go, searching for information on Mozambique....*
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