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  1. I haven't watched it yet. I shall give it a go tonight.
  2. Shin Sekai Yori! OMG IT IS AMAZING! (that is if you have not watched it already).
  3. Nothing much. Just messing around. Need to get into a new anime but its hard after watching a really good one.
  4. sicko! Whatcha' up to? I am baning my head against my keyboard trying to get an assessment done.
  5. shwing!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was going this month but money is a bit of an issue now I am amped though can't wait.
  7. AH! *My bad!* saw a message on James wall and thought you where leaving now xD
  8. :O thanks only going in November
  9. Good bye! We are going to miss you! ~<3
  10. Thats so true dude. Just you have to be more confident. Texts never work god knows how many girls I tried that way Just walk up to them and be yourself. But you never want to end up with someone you hate(like my parents lol)
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