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  1. Yo I replied in TK
  2. So Yay or nay on the TD9K2?
  3. Ok think I figured it out, I think the one for R17 is the TD9KX. Oke wasn't very clear. I would rather go for the KX2.
  4. Are you aware of the new TD9KX2 vs the old one? Phone a store and they have the old TD9KX2 for R17 900. He says the newer one has 3 triggers on the cymbals and a cloth base drum.
  5. Hehe, I know the feeling. Just got a quote for R24k for the TD9KX2 with pedal and stool. Crazy expensive but man I want that kit.
  6. Haha I know all about being impulsive. Thats why I bought a TD3 and cried myself to sleep two weeks later :P
    I have the TD9KX I'm thinking of keeping it now though. Going to get Drumkits from Hell sample library and run it through Sonar. Thats like R3000 right there - not an acoustic kit, but id at least be able to play it whenever.
  7. You have the TD9KX2? You going to sell it?
  8. Well that is brand new, I will keep an eye out for a TD9K2 / KX2. I am sure I can get a decent deal. My problem is I am to impulsive, thats where you come in and slap me.

    It makes sense to buy the better kit first time, I might just start putting money away for the KX2, that would be my ultimate. Or there is always a acoustic kit

    Whilst the TD4 would be an upgrade I see what you mean though, won't take long before it is also not enough. What I like about the TD9KX2 is it seems to have a massive amount of customization, like tone levels etc.
  9. Honestly, the TD9 is not R6000 better than a TD4 but it's MUCH better. So if you have the ways and means, then do it. Or, just to confuse you, go for the TD12.
    Other option, do you use cubase or sonar or any other DAW? Because then you can get a cheaper kit and run an audio library (like DFH or Superior drummer) through it.
  10. And no haven't demoed it.
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