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  1. It took me less than a minute to find a game It works awesome.
  2. Finding a game (controller is doing fine - although have to see when I'm up against some competition) - I sit in that freakin lobby for aaaaaaages dude and I have not even had ONE game yet?
  3. Do you mean to find a game or actually get into playing it on controller?

    Finding games are a cinch, maybe a minute if not less.

    Learning how to play on the controller, well I find it pretty easy, takes a bit of getting used to I guess.
  4. Dude how long did it typically take you to get into a MP game on MW2 Xbox?
  5. Sounds like a plan
  6. Straight up! Lemme know
    (Come home pissed tonight and he rock it MWUI style )
  7. Tonight take the wife out for dinner, but possibly when I get back, will hop on line and drop you a PM, or yeah Tmrw night or sunday will work! Wicked
  8. Cool cool - Tonight, tomorrow night, or Sunday afternoon?
  9. Yeah keen as mustard! Saturday or Sunday, will just need to see when we both available.
  10. So you keen to try das coop - dunno if your response maybe got lost in the sea of spam
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