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  1. Kak one... yeah that is the issue with drums hey. Plus if you live in residential area it's a bitch to play acoustic kits
  2. lol she was partial to the idea, my biggest issue is space, I just don't have the space for that beast.
  3. Howsit bro! So what did the MoF say?
  4. Yeah true the out of the box snare is a bit lame, but you can get mesh snare for it another time.
  5. Only thing I would miss I think is my v snare.

    Otherwise think it will be a good deal.
  6. Then go for it d00der - not a bad price at all
  7. Cool, yeah was thinking it probably is better all round. Will sell my Roland then if I can get it. Hopefully can get it for R5000 brand new.
  8. Between those two, the Yamaha definitely. More kits which are programmable, better kick drum setup, upgrade options. Yeah I'd go with that - just if you plan on recording make sure it's got the right MIDI I/O.
    How much can you get it for?
  9. Murph my man, what would you say is better?

    Roland HD1 V drums lite or the Yamaha DTXpress 2?

    Might be able to get the yammies for a good price and then would sell my HD1's.,00.html
  10. A w e s o m n e s s !
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