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  1. Totally, I don't think I am going to be able to leave CT
  2. Yeah dude! Isn't that just most awesome freakin thing ever?
  3. Dude that place we area going to has R60 for a bottomless draught

  4. Wierd, Quake 2 was the only one that didn't give me trouble. When Quake 1 didn't work I just deleted local content and reinstalled it and then it worked, so give that a go?
    None of the Q1 or Q2 expansions work though :/
  5. Murph, did you get quake 2 running? Mine crashes on opening, apparently it is a open gl issue but dunno how to fix it
  6. Thanks china! Purchased!
  7. FYI bro, all Borderlands DLC on Steam for 25 bokke each.
  8. You would need like extra long sticks, maybe a broom stick?
  9. LOL - but it will be the epic fill of note!!
    I'm wondering how the hell you would reach those cymbals :/
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