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  1. ROFL thats insane.....Imagine the fill you could do, would take you about 10 mins
  2. Holy Crap - had to share this with someone who would understand
  3. Sweet will do~!
  4. I see. Cool well if you ever want to give a shot again lemme know !
  5. Just MP. Tried co op with Omega when it first came out and could never get it to work.
  6. You just play MP or coop as well?
  7. lol that sux. I haven't played my kit this weekend

    Yeah I am loving it, the bug has bitten again. Got bored of it but I am now trying to do all the weapon challanges, actually makes it more enjoyable.
  8. Haha yup, they're awesomenessisms Was busy setting up the module with my PC earlier - blew the speakers lol.
    See you hitting MW2 quite often these days ?
  9. Awesomeness! Fucking jealous I’m not going to lie
  10. Sexy as hell
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