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  1. Did Murph send u a pic of Borderlands also?
  2. Yep thats it. You should also check Zaps. I think I saw it cheaper there.
  3. Murph isn't going to be on tonight so its more Hell for us.
  4. Seems Murphzor has abandoned us to go at it solo for a while. We on for some more co-op tonight?
  5. Cool. With my 2 hour time diff it will hopefully be a bit easier to get some time slotted in.
  6. Hey dude, yeah I am also keen on some co op action. Let me see if I can get my hands on Portal 2 this weekend, been keen to get it for a while.
  7. When are we going to hook up and get some co-op on? I am dying to try Portal 2 co-op. Actually I am just dying to do co-op period.
  8. I see you lurking....
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