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  1. Did you finish 2? Sounds like a plan, what difficulty to you wanna play it on?
  2. Yeah im keen, no idea, ODST?

    Or GOW? Still have to finish number 1.
  3. We on for some gaming tonight, what you think we should play?
  4. Yeah man that is messed up. I always sms back, unless I am sleeping or dead. lol

    I was going to reply at 12:15 and say sorry not keen for co op right now, haha

    I was on, but only at about 9ish, played some Fable.
  5. But it only seems to happen when I sms you as my smses to Red goes through quick fast. Bizaar...

    I was online waited till about 8:30, figured the meds kicked u under the ass and went off to do some writing... though it a bit weird that u did sms back...

    this explains it all... vodacom fails.
  6. Dude there is something super weird shit when you SMS me, I got that SMS you sent @ 12:15

    I was like WTF does he want to play co op at this time

    But I see you sent it at 8:15 PM.
  7. Also got probifolra and urispas
  8. Knew it

    Also this is one of those antibiotics u should not take any alcohol with.

    What else did they give you?
  9. Yip 10. 2 twice a day.
  10. Its one of the generics of Ciprofloxaxin. We use ciploxx 500 coz its way cheaper. How many did they give you 10? 2 tabs twice a day?
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