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  1. Other than not being able to mentally get into the MP its good. Jumped back into Reach after being raped in BF3 and instantly remembered what FUN feels like. Im going to stick with it for a while but its really grating me.
  2. Loving it! Howz the Xbox version?
  3. Hows BF3 PC treating you?
  4. Clean up ur inbox Dammit!
  5. I wasn't very far, but enough to put me off starting again right now. I will most likely really want to play it after Dark Souls. Cool, will appreciate some help.
  6. How far where u in to Demon's Souls?
    I haven't actually looked at the Game Guide for Dark Souls, you download it. I have checked out the wiki but there isn't alot of info as yet. But like I said ask and I may be able to answer and/or help. I am actually over due to play again since i haven't played since thursday last week with Batman AC and all.
  7. The only thing that put me off demos souls was that I had to start all over again due to them stealing my PS3. So I figured id get Dark Souls, got the limited edt with the game guide which I think will be invaluable.
  8. Considering Dark Souls is Harder than Demon's Souls I would prefer if you at least got through Demon's Souls, even if just half way. Take my advice play Demon's Souls while u wait. I will be worth it. But glad ur giving it another shot. Ill be here to provide pro-tips to help u along.
  9. You will be glad to know I ordered Dark Souls

    Really keen to not suck with this one.
  10. Pop onto FB, easier to chat there than through this.
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