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  1. I'll brush off my GIMP skills.
  2. If someone can do one up I'll happily post it in my sig.
  3. That sounds like an AWESOME Idea! In the meantime how about a nice big image we can post?
  4. I'm thinking of making "Play games, not platforms" t-shirts and giving them away every time someone resurrects that idiotic debate.
  5. Rusty: "Yay a Fresh Debate"
    Omega: /Sniggers.
  6. Replied to ur comment .
  7. Hehe, i sent the link to all those on site that i know review games. Me and Grant actually talked about it when i was there for the First Impression. He does believe in perfect scores. Then when OC was down here for mah wedding we also chatted about it. So i figured Blog it. Glad u liked it.

    Lol then it would be 101% like those freaks in school who use to get 101% averages.
  8. Some good points there.

    I've always wondered what would happen if a site dished out a perfect score and then the devs released a DLC which made the game even better
  9. Cool. To play it safe i just check with u or Tinman.
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